Nogizaka46 Ito Marika Photobook Etoranze – A Photographer’s Critique 元乃木坂46伊藤万理華 写真集 エトランゼ

Nogizaka46 Ito Marika Photobook Etoranze – A Photographer's Critique 元乃木坂46伊藤万理華 写真集 エトランゼ

I critique the 1st photobook from the ex-member from the popular idol group Nogizaka46 乃木坂46 Ito Marika 伊藤万理華 called エトランゼ or Etoranze. I review it from the point of view of a photographer and less as a fan, so it is more of a critique of the photos and the book as a whole. There are many great photos in this photo book as well as bad. I will go over things such as lighting, posing, locations, mood, as well as editing. The book it 1000 times better in person than it is in scans and online so I recommend picking it up if you are a fan.

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伊藤万理華写真集 エトランゼ